PV – Saturday Ride TEMPLATE bkup 06/29/24

PV - Saturday Ride TEMPLATE bkup 06/29/24


Thursday – February 24, 2050    
9:00 am

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Note the start time will remain 9:00 AM through the winter.

Read the Club’s liability waiver and understand that your participation in a ride constitutes acceptance of the waiver. The waiver is found here.

Before you join ANY PV ride, read this page which spells out what is expected from you.

If you are not a Portland Velo member and want to join us for a ride, use the Contact page to request links and maps sent via email.

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The forecast is temperature from 44°F to 54℉, sunny and light breezes.

Links to the routes and maps: (you must be logged in and have active membership to see this next section)


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Portland Velo Saturday rides start from Evergreen Park. See the Parking Map.

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