• Capture the moment

    Capture the moment

    Whatever your goals: fitness, friendship or performance, we'll work to reach them together. We ride some truly beautiful routes. Our map guru creates routes that are scenic, challenging, and best of all, fun. Come find your favorite climb, or most satisfying day with the folks from PV.
  • It's All About The Ride

    It's All About The Ride

    At Portland Velo, it's all about the ride. The Operations Team and Ride Leaders work hard so you don't have too. You don't need to rally your crew, we've done it for you. Come on out for the Saturday Signature rides and have fun with your friends.
  • Everyone Rides With Someone

    Everyone Rides With Someone

    Above all else, we look out for each other on the road, making sure everyone comes back in one piece. Our ride leaders are the best in the area - they know the routes and they keep their groups together. No one gets dropped - we define the term "Group Ride"
  • Be. Yourself.

    Be. Yourself.

    It's in everyone's best interests to keep things fun and safe. We are proud ambassadors of cycling. We look out for each other, and make new friends along the way.
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Riders must be 18 years of age or older to ride with Portland Velo


Ride Preview

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10:00 Roll-Out



Note the 10AM start.

The weather forecast remains variable but for the  moment  Saturday morning looks dry. It could be gusty with a nice tailwind for the climb.

This route is challenged for toilets and facilities. Please make use of the Dog Park before the start. The locals are justifiable irritated and observant of cyclists using the bushes along Pumpkin Ridge. The route does make a pass through North Plains to a single port-a-potty at 24.9 miles.

The main route is Pallet Pumpkin (31.8 miles, 1419 ft).

Long Route map/cue sheet | Long Route tcx file | Weather

A separate short route is not being published this week. Because the climb up Pumpkin Ridge above Pumpkin Ridge Dr is an out and back the main route can be shortened by as much as 10 miles and 687 ft (21.8 miles, 732 ft) by turning around at any point at or above Pumpkin Ridge Dr.

Note that not all speed groups may have ride leaders for all routes.

Please be sure to download the appropriate GPS file to your computer (tcx or gpx). And print the map/cue sheet or pick one up at the start. Let's try to avoid the collapse into one large group because only 1-2 people have the route.

Please be sure to load the current route either from the link in this email or directly from RwGPS. Route names are occasionally reused with minor changes to the route.

 See the cue sheet for caution areas.

 1215 weathera


1215 epica


First Day of the Year Ride 
January 1, 2019
PV/Western BikeWorks Annual "First Ride" 

New Year's Day- Tuesday January 1st 2019

9am- WBW NW Lovejoy location


Fall Follies 

Fall presents it's own set of challenges. The big questions every week become: What to wear? Is that patch of blue sky going to spread? and Will the sun come out or will it disappear into rain clouds? Fenders or not? How slick are the roads? Has the rain been enough to flush the oils off the road or just enough to bring it to the surface and make the road super slick?

In December the start time will shift to 10 am due to the shortening days.

Rides will also get shorter and there will be less climbing because of the danger of fast descents on wet roads.

The safety issues shift from heat and smoke to cold, pouring rain, debris on the roads, possibly snow and ice, and wind.  The Operations team will evaluate weather predictions for Saturday and make a decision whether or not to cancel the ride Friday afternoon. If we decide to cancel email will be sent. If we decide to proceed with the ride there will not be any additional email. Occasionally we may be forced to make a decision on Saturday morning.

While we can make decisions whether the official ride is to be held or cancelled many individuals opt to ride as a non-Portland Velo ride. That decision is up to the individuals. Your health is our primary concern.




Get Social

The bottom line is that Portland Velo offers the best club cycling experience in the entire Portland metro area, bar none. Everyone has someone to ride with; no one gets dropped. And, we all walk away smiling.


Start connecting with friends

At our core, we’re a community of cyclists who love to ride our bikes. It doesn’t matter if you ride 14 or 24mph, whether you enjoy 35 mile or 75 mile rides. We don’t care if your bike cost $900 or $9,000, if you’ve been riding one year or twenty. What matters to us is your passion for cycling, that you care about safety and you enjoy riding with a great group of like-minded individuals.

Our club motto - “It’s All About the Ride!” - speaks volumes about who we are and what we’re about.

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