PV – Adventure Ride

PV - Adventure Ride


Saturday – August 5, 2023    
8:00 am

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Read the Club’s liability waiver and understand that your participation in a ride constitutes acceptance of the waiver. The waiver is found here.

Before you join ANY PV ride, read this page which spells out what is expected from you.

Portland Velo is now offering an Adventure Ride. Generally, this ride will be on Saturday, but at times may be moved to Sunday. These rides are seasonal and will change as the weather changes throughout the year. 

If you are not a Portland Velo member and want to join us for a ride, use the Contact page to request links and maps sent via email.

Adventure rides are generally between 60 and 75 miles and range from 4500 to 6500 feet of climbing.  Ride starts will vary across the greater Portland Metro, Hood River and the Willamette Valley.

These are challenging rides, with a significant amount of climbing. The general rule of thumb is to regroup at the top of each climb and then descend together so we can paceline across the valleys to the next climb. Michele Chirgwin is leading the rides and sets the pace between 18-20 mph on the flat sections. Separate ride groups can be created at the start of the ride based on individual preferences. The goal is to have fun, stay together as much as possible and to NOT leave anyone on their own.

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Be sure to read the documents on the Portland Velo website before joining the group for the first time as this ride will follow all the guidelines and rules that are expected on the Saturday Signature Ride.

Please make sure you have either the route downloaded onto your GPS device (Garmin, Wahoo, phone etc…) or print out the cue sheet.

Start location is:  Ripplebrook Store – 59204 OR-224, Estacada, OR 97023

We roll at 8:00 am, so please arrive early enough to get ready.

There are two water stops on this route, but no food, so please pack a sufficient number of bars/gels.

Water stop 1 – Little Crate Lake Campground (at mile 26)

Water stop 2 – Timothy Lake (at mile 34)

After the ride, the store will be open so you can purchase snacks, water and ice cream!