Tuesday and Thursday Rides

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Our Tuesday and Thursday rides are a great way to get a ride in with a smaller group. All rides start at 9:30am on the north side of Wilshire Park at the intersection of NE Skidmore and NE 35th in Northeast Portland.

The usual leader is Terry Lawson, with others leading when he is unable to. Terry maintains a mailing list to distribute route information and cancellation status. Most rides are cancelled in inclement weather if there are fewer than three riders indicating they want to ride that day. So riders should check the email list for changes. To get on the list or for ride questions send an email to Terry (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The rides are varied, crossing the Columbia into Washington or heading out Marine Drive to the Gorge. They are 30-45 miles in length with shorter sub-group options. Tuesday routes tend to be flatter. Maps and links for the routes are below. Riders should be fit and able to ride 18-23 mph - see Ride Levels above. The group may split on some stretches - but will re-group as necessary.

Tuesday common routes:

(1) Wildlife Refuge - Frenchman's Bar (ride varies with both the Wildlife Refuge and Frenchman's Bar as destinations)

(2) Salmon Creek - Burnt Creek (ride varies and often uses both I-5 bridge and I-205 bridges).

Thursday common routes:

(1) Lacamas Lake, both in clockwise and counterclockwise versions

(2) Marine Drive to Troutdale, then using various Gorge roads - Historic Columbia River Highway, Woodard, Mershon, and Hurlburt - with one version a ride to the Women's Forum.

Ride Guidelines: No one gets dropped, lost or left behind on this ride. If someone cannot stay with the group (for example because of illness or mechanical difficulty), the group will ensure that they get safely back to the ride start. There will be re-groups to keep the group together. There is usually a restroom and nutrition stop roughly midway.

Ride Files and Links

Tuesday Routes

PV Tues: Creeks Route (41 mi - 1,660 ft)

Map/Cue Sheet | TCX File | Ride w/GPS

PV Tues: Wildlife Refuge - Frenchman's Bar (38.7 mi - 819 ft)

Map/Cue Sheet | TCX File | Ride w/GPS

Thursday Routes

PV Thurs: Marine - Springwater (38.7 mi - 949 ft)

Map/Cue Sheet | TCX File | Ride w/GPS

PV Thurs: Hurlburt - Evans - Mershon (45.4 mi - 1,512 ft)

Map/Cue Sheet| TCX File | Ride w/GPS

PV Thurs: Women's Forum (41.9 mi - 1,736 ft)

Map/Cue Sheet| TCX File| Ride w/GPS

PV Thurs: Lacamas Lake Clockwise (43.6 mi - 1,416 ft)

Map/Cue Sheet| TCX File | Ride w/GPS

PV Thurs: Lacamas Lake Counterclockwise (43.7 mi - 1,670 ft)

Map/Cue Sheet| TCX File | Ride w/GPS