Riding with PV During the Pandemic

The PV Saturday Signature Ride is back! Because of the pandemic, we’ve instituted some changes to minimize risk before, during, and after the ride. Hopefully, these changes will only be temporary. But we ask for your understanding and your cooperation in the meantime.

First and foremost, if you’re not feeling well, please stay home. Even if you feel fine, keep an appropriate distance from other riders. Masks are recommended for use in the parking lot before rolling out. Masks are optional during the ride itself.

Staggered Rollout

pv updated rollout map

In order to limit the number of riders congregating in the parking lot before the ride, we’ll be staggering rollout times. The fastest riders will leave earlier than usual; the slower riders will leave later than usual. Here are the new rollout times:

8:30 AM –Opens, 22-24, 20-22

9:00 AM – 18-20

9:30 AM – 16-18, 14-16

Plan to arrive close to your rollout time. If you drive to the start point, please avoid parking next to an occupied car. Find your speed group and check in with the ride leader. Groups will be spaced out in the lot. Check the parking lot diagram and look for the sign for your speed group.

We will not do the customary full group safety briefing before the rollout. Ride leaders will brief their individual groups. Before rolling out, ride leaders will make a brief audio recording of the group, in case we need to assist health authorities with contact tracing. During the recording, each rider will be asked to state their name and the city in which they live. PV will archive the recordings in case we are asked to assist with contact tracing. We will not post, disclose, or use the recordings for any other purpose.

Group size will be ideally limited to six riders and strictly limited to no more than eight riders per group. Now more than ever, we need good, qualified ride leaders. Please let us know if you are willing to step up and assist. Some groups may not have an official ride leader.

In addition to staggered start times, ride leaders will leave additional time between groups to avoid bunching up out on the course.

During the Ride

Ride leaders are responsible for the safety of the group and all of its riders. Riders must follow the ride leader’s directions. Riders who do not comply may be asked to leave the group.

During the ride, please follow these safety rules:

  • Ride single file only, except when passing another rider. Pass as quickly as possible.
  • Pace lines are allowed, but leave additional space between you and the rider in front of you.
  • Absolutely no spitting, coughing, sneezing, or nose blowing in the pace line. If you must spit or blow, go off the back of the group and out to the side. If you must cough or sneeze, get out of the pace line and do so into your jersey sleeve.
  • If you decide to fall back in the pace line, swing further to the left to allow other riders more room to pass you (using caution to make sure there are no vehicles behind you).
  • When riding uphill, stay as far to the right as possible to allow other riders more room to pass you. When passing another rider, swing further to the left to allow additional room (consistent with existing traffic conditions).
  • Make sure you have the route, and carry sufficient tools and supplies so you can take care of any mechanical issues that arise yourself.
  • Keep an appropriate distance from other riders when stopped at traffic lights, and during re-groups or rest stops.

After the Ride:

Please do not linger in the parking lot after the ride. Pack up your gear and leave. Everyone’s health and safety is PV’s primary concern. That is best served by avoiding crowds before, during, and after the ride.